Friday, December 9, 2011

Some more pics

Here are some more photos from some work that I did at the Pontalba. I spent way too much time on this medallion on the ceiling in the living room. More than one usually does on a rental property, but I enjoyed it.

We were the painting crew that started painting the medallion the wall color, property management liked it and decided all of the rooms should have that. Now they insist the other crews do it too. So of course I have to one up them with this. By the end of the day my neck was killing me and my vision blurry from drops of oil paint. I felt like Michelangelo. 


  1. Last night I read From The Jersey Shore to the Big Easy, start to finish. I'm really enjoying your blogs!

    The ceiling medallion looks beautiful. In word and deed, you've shown so many kindnesses to New Orleans. Thanks for making it your home.

  2. Thank you for the feedback Brooks, I am flattered that you read my blog and enjoyed it. I treat living here in the French Quarter, and NOLA as a privilege. Great city and people. I never really felt at home anywhere else until I moved to New Orleans. Thanks again, feel free to comment anytime!