NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas has suggested that the club owned by entertainer Chris Owens is, in some way, responsible for an increase in criminal activity on Bourbon Street. In the wake of a shooting Tuesday morning outside the club at Bourbon and St. Louis that left one man dead and 7 other persons injured, Serpas told reporters, "There's a lot of complaints that our officers are telling me are coming from that club."

Serpas added, "I see the Chris Owens club having a large group of people going in and out of the club with very little involvement in the club.  I just don't get it." The Superintendent says he's asked his investigators to look into it. The manager of the club, Mark Davison told Fox 8, "there is nothing happening in this club and I am on top of everything." "I don't know why they have to point a finger at the Chris Owens club," he told Fox 8.  "There is no reason why they should have to do that." "This is not a drug store," he added.