Monday, January 9, 2012

Dining Review

When I first moved down to New Orleans I was set back by gas stations selling fried chicken. Back in Jersey, if you wanted fried chicken you went to the standard KFC or the recently opened Popeye's. As much as I love fried chicken, I thought the joints were were over rated and over priced. Dropping eight bucks on a couple of pieces of chicken was a luxury by my meager income. While working as a day laborer digging up sewer pipes of St Bernard parish a co-worker introduced me to Brother's Chicken. It's a chain of gas station / convenience stores down here that are are clean, reasonably priced and very good.

I was hooked. Excellent chicken, always hot, always consistently good and very reasonably priced. Now I live in the French Quarter, considered by many as the heart of the best southern cuisine, I could find a dozen places touting "Best fried chicken." It may be good, but I would be paying a day's wage for the location and name. Brothers is great fried chicken at the best price. It's the only reason I have to leave the Quarter, by one block. 

Tonight was pay day, I dropped about $15 on 12 pieces of white meat.  With a decent buzz going I had the doors of my balcony open listening to the roar of LSU fans on Bourbon street as I dined on the chicken and plain white rice that I cooked up while listening to WWOZ. I thought how much I wished my friends from Seattle were here. This is how Quarter Rats dine fine.

Brother's Food Mart on Urbanspoon


  1. Where are you getting Brother's one block out of the Quarter? The Key Gas station on Gov. Nic.? If so, that's what my krewe affectionately refers to as "crack-fried chicken" (because it's so very addictive!).

  2. Right in the CBD, 148 Carondelet Street, one block across Canal, past the Walgreens (Bourbon & Canal), on the left. It's a little bit of a shady walk at night. Brothers food mart, clean and cool.

  3. Ate my fair share from the same store during Mardi Gras. Nothing like getting a hotel room in the CBD when you live in Metairie.

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